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Crafts with Recycled Materials

Just a few ideas for fun spring crafts to celebrate this weekend.

Bumble Bee

  • -toilet paper tube
  • -paint
  • -pipe cleaners
  • -scrap paper
  • -glue

Smash the toilet paper tube until it’s mostly flattened (staple into shape). Paint with yellow and black stripes! Cut out wing shapes and glue on. Add eyes and pipe cleaner legs, antennae and stinger.

Flower Vase

  • -plastic bottle
  • -bottle caps
  • -paint
  • -cardboard
  • -pipe cleaners
  • -glue (hot glue is easiest)

Pour a small amount of paints inside the plastic bottle (2 or 3 colors) and put the cap back on. Share and swirl the paint. Pour out any excess.

Gather your bottle caps and paint, if desired. Glue on to the cardboard backing in flower shapes. Glue on the top part of the pipe cleaners and paint leaves (or use paper cutouts). When the bottle is dry, gather the pipe cleaners into the bottle and hot glue the bottle onto the cardboard.

Egg Carton Flowers

  • -egg carton
  • -paint
  • -decorations (beads, glitter, sequins, seeds, etc)
  • -pipe cleaners
  • -green construction paper
  • -glue (hot glue is easiest)

Cut out the individual egg cups from the carton. Cut the sides partway to make “petals” and fold down. Paint as desired. Hot glue decorations in the bottom of the flower cup. Cut out leaf shapes from green paper and glue on. Add pipe cleaner stems OR glue the flowers together on a cardboard base and hang.