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Motivating Mom of the Month--March 2021: Suzi Cervino

"It’s always so great to see Suzi and the girls at Stroller Strides! She works hard and is encouraging to other moms during class. Her positive attitude is definitely her twin mom super power!" -Karlee Goeres, Fit4Mom Instructor

"Suzi is a dedicated Stroller Strider. She's always pulling in early, ready to workout! She juggles her twins and all the snacks and things with grace. She shows up on the not-so-nice days as well as the perfect weather days and puts her whole self into the workout. We're so glad to have Suzi and the girls in our village!"-Bekah Johnson, Fit4Mom Instructor

"Suzi is always such a delight to have in class! I love seeing Suzi at Kingstowne and Burke Lake nearly every day of the week. She brings such contagious energy, positivity and kindness to every workout. Not only is Suzi one of the first moms to show up for class each day, but she brings her two adorable twin girls with her with ease! During class, Suzi is always pushing herself and challenging her limits. Her hard work always motivates other moms around her to do the same. I always look forward to any class I see Suzi is registered for because I know her and her girls' smiles will brighten anyone’s day!" -Cat Sethian, Fit4Mom Instructor

Who are the members of your family and where are you originally from?

I am originally from Marion, MA and I now live in Burke with my husband and 19 month old twin daughters (and our dog Frank). I have been in the DC area for eight years and moved here when my husband and I got engaged.

When was your first Fit4Mom class and what do you remember about it?

I went to a pop-up in Lorton last November. I remember I was late and the process of getting my double stroller out and loading the kids felt like a lot. I had no idea how to dress them for the weather, but it was such a fun class and everyone was really welcoming.

Where can we find you? What is your Fit4Mom routine these days?

I just do Stroller Strides. I try to go to Burke Lake twice a week and sometimes also to Kingstowne. I am so excited to be able to exercise while my kids are awake so that I can use their nap time for other things. They also really love seeing everyone- especially the kids and Shannon!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I have been a high school science teacher for many years. But this year is my first staying at home. It has been a big adjustment but I feel grateful that I can do it and that my husband has worked from home for the past year.

What are 3 of your favorite things?

Sailing, gardening and family cook outs.

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

I would go on a fun date with my husband or get a massage/ facial/ mani/pedi. I am not a huge spa gal, but after this year I am really looking forward to it.

What has being a mom taught you?

It has taught me that I am more patient, empathetic and creative than I think. It has also helped me to recognize how much my own parents love me and how hard they worked to give me an amazing life.

What is your funniest or most embarrassing mommy moment so far?

This past weekend, a man jogged by us on a walk and passed gas. Very loudly, one of the girls yelled out "Toot Toot!" That was both funny and embarrassing for all.

Any words of wisdom for other moms?

This is a hard one for me to answer. I think I would try to encourage everyone to find people who support them and make them feel good about themselves as women as well as moms. And to try to be that person in the lives of other moms.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM? What would you tell someone thinking about joining?

I joined because I wanted to meet other moms. That was my #1 priority. We moved to Burke in June of 2020 and I knew no one. I also wanted to keep being outside as much as possible as we headed into winter and work on my strength and fitness. I feel like I am accomplishing all of those things and I would definitely (and have) recommend joining.