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The Rules of Run Club

One of our Run Club moms shared that after returning home from our weekend meetup her husband asked, “How was Run Club? Or can you not talk about it?” We had a great laugh about his reference to the infamous rules of Fight Club. Later on, I got to thinking about using Fight Club rules as an outline to make up rules for Run Club. I hope you enjoy this fun play on the theme and learn a bit more about our awesome group. Here goes....


1st rule: Everyone is invited.

From moms with babies to moms with teens or grown children, we welcome anyone who wants to improve her health and fitness, and connect with other moms. No running experience is required. Our program will help you find your happy pace and, we wouldn’t be surprised, if you develop a love for running.

2nd rule: EVERYONE is invited.

Run Club is a great outdoor activity that you can bring your family to enjoy! Some of our moms run with a stroller, bring their spouse/partner, and even older kids who can run along with them. Unlike Fight Club, which you can’t talk about, our moms love to talk with their families about our running adventures and occasionally bring them along for the fun. Of course, moms can also enjoy the time to run alone, too.

3rd rule: If someone says “I can’t” or has pain, it’s okay for that run to stop.

One of the best parts of training with a certified Run Club+ coach is access to her knowledge and experience. Your coach knows the mental toughness needed to push through running excuses and setbacks. She will be your biggest cheerleader, but also a voice of reason. If you encounter a physical problem, your Run Club coach will encourage you to seek medical care. Sometimes we moms need a coach to help us recognize when we should listen to our body’s signals. By recognizing the early warning signs of an injury, you can address it and get back to running sooner than if you let it get worse. Your Run Club coach is happy to help you navigate what can be an otherwise lonely or upsetting journey through an injury or setback.

4th rule: Only 2 moms are needed for a meetup.

We have planned group runs on Saturdays at local parks and trails. But our moms are running four times a week and cross training twice a week, so we use weekday meetups to foster motivation. Sometimes we meet at a high school track to run laps or complete a strength workout. Other times we checkout a new trail or park. Any of our moms can reach out to the group and make a meetup. After all, it only takes two moms to make it an running meetup.

5th rule: One run at a time.

Never ran more than a few blocks? No problem! You can gain the endurance and experience to complete your first 5K race. We will get there by focusing on just one run at a time. In Run Club, we will help you empty your mind and stay present in the moment. That’s the beauty of running! You focus on the task at hand, not worrying about the past or future. If you have a “bad run,” we will help encourage and lift you up.

6th rule: Yes shirts, yes shoes.

Fight Club rules say “no shirts, no shoes” but in Run Club we have fun with shirts and shoes! Our moms proudly wear Fit4Mom Run Club tank tops and shirts from races that we complete together. There is something heartwarming about showing up to a run, someone seeing your race shirt and saying, “I remember when we ran that race together!” We share an inspiring sense of community, camaraderie, and team pride.

As far as shoes go, each mom needs the right support and style to fit her needs. We help moms find the right pair of running shoes with our gear event at a locally owned running store. Our moms get a free gait analysis and shoe recommendation plus an special discount on their purchases. Plus, a shopping trip with mom friends is always a fun treat!

7th rule: Runs will go on as long as they have to.

Alright, this Fight Club rule was admittedly hard to adapt. Bear with me as I bend it to Run Club style. Another great aspect of our program is our approach to pace and distance goals. For our beginning runners, we provide a training plan that starts with time goals (i.e. run/walk for 20 minutes) and we use run/walk intervals to ease mom into running. As mom gains endurance, she will transition to time+distance goals, such as run 1 mile steady pace, then 10 minutes of run/walk intervals. Finally, mom will move into running for a set distance, such as run for 3 miles. This gradual approach allows mom to build her running program gradually to prevent injuries and gain confidence in her abilities without worrying about pace.

8th rule: If this is your first time at Run Club, you have to run.

If you run, you’re a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run, you are a runner. Our Run Club program is designed to help novice runners ease into running with intervals of walking and running. Our program also meets the needs of experienced runners looking to improve their pace by adding speed work and strength training. Bottom line, you are welcome in our club and you will LOVE this awesome community of mother runners. I know that I do. ️

Run & be happy, Megan

Fit4Mom Run Club+ Coach

Our Spring 2021 Mini Session starts on Saturday, May 22nd. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will meet at various trails, parks, and track to run, grow stronger, and enjoy the community of running. You will receive a custom training plan, loads of great advice and information, and access to our private Facebook group. You can join us for just $75 by signing up here: