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  • MamaWell is a 42-week online course filled with modern wisdom and whole body guidance for your personal journey into motherhood. Our course will take you through exactly how to move with three workouts per week, what to eat, and how to best prepare for birth and beyond.

    You'll increase strength, flexibility, and mindfulness with our birth prep and breathing exercises. Armed with nutrition information and recipe ideas, as well as your own preparation plan for birth and beyond, you'll have the info you need for peace of mind.

Each trimester includes:

  • 7 Different Workouts & a Detailed Workout Schedule appropriate for each specific trimester
  • What foods to focus on eating while pregnant
  • What foods to avoid eating
  • Recipes & additional food guidance per your needs in each Trimester
  • Information on important supplements
  • Additional resources on common trimester-related ailments
  • If you are interested in purchasing all three trimesters, it will be only $49.99 or you can purchase a single trimester (2 or 3) for only $29.99 each. Please select one of the following options.
  • *** Note: You will be connected to another site where all of the MamaWell information lives.